Bitcoin To Go ‘Ballistic’ After Halving, Says Top Analyst – Here’s Why

As the crypto space eagerly awaits the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event, top crypto analyst Willy Woo has emerged with a bullish prediction that has stirred considerable excitement among enthusiasts.

Woo particularly underscored the potential for Bitcoin’s price to surge dramatically, using the term “ballistic” to describe the expected trajectory post-Halving.

Notably, Bitcoin’s Halving is an integral component of its protocol. It occurs approximately every four years and reduces miners’ reward for validating transactions on the blockchain.

This event also effectively reduces the rate at which new BTC enters circulation, increasing the asset’s scarcity and potentially impacting its price dynamics.

Bitcoin Would Go ‘Ballistic’ Based On This

Woo’s analysis delves into the profound implications of the impending Halving, particularly regarding Bitcoin’s supply dynamics. The cryptocurrency experiences an annual supply growth rate of 1.7%, which will be halved to 0.85% following the upcoming event.

This reduction favors Bitcoin’s supply growth rate compared to traditional assets like gold, which boasts an annual supply growth rate of approximately 1.6%.

Moreover, Woo juxtaposes Bitcoin’s supply growth against the US dollar, characterized by a negative growth rate attributed to inflation.

As the USD supply growth trends back to a standard range of 5% to 10%, Woo anticipates a momentous surge in Bitcoin’s price, driven by its inherent scarcity and growing recognition as a hedge against inflationary pressures.

Diverging Perspectives On BTC Trajectory

While Woo’s bullish forecast sets an optimistic tone for Bitcoin’s future, recent insights from a consumer survey conducted by Deutsche Bank present a more nuanced perspective.

The survey findings reveal a palpable division among respondents regarding Bitcoin’s trajectory, with approximately one-third expressing negativity about its price prospects.

These individuals anticipate Bitcoin’s value to plummet below $20,000 by year-end, representing a stark deviation from the prevailing bullish sentiment.

Adding to the discourse, Authur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX, offers a dissenting view characterized by a bearish outlook on Bitcoin’s post-halving performance. In a comprehensive analysis shared via a blog post, Hayes outlines his concerns regarding the potential for a significant price decline after the halving.

While many analysts anticipate a bullish rally during the halving period, Hayes posits a scenario in which Bitcoin experiences a more subdued trajectory, emphasizing the need for careful consideration amid heightened market volatility.

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