How High Can The XRP Price Go? Crypto Analyst Unveils 6-Month Prediction

Crypto analysts continue to be super bullish on the future of the XRP price despite its poor performance in the past. However, while some analysts have predicted price targets that, to many, seem unrealistic, others have set more conservative targets. This is the case of crypto analyst Alan Santana, who just unveiled his 6-month prediction for the XRP price.

XRP Price Is Ready For A Bullish Wave

Alan Santana took to the TradingView website to share his latest analysis on the XRP price. This prediction is expected to play out over the next six months as the crypto market heads into what is expected to be an explosive bull rally.

The crypto analyst believes that in this cycle, the altcoin may find its price moving well ahead of other altcoins. “it is likely to be one of the first to move… One of the first to move big!” the analyst said. Santana also gives reasons for this, one of them being that the waiting period between each bullish wave for the XRP price has elapsed.

His analysis showed that the altcoin has usually seen a 6-8-month gap between each bullish wave. However, it had been 308 days since it saw its last bullish wave, which is well over 10 months. This means that the altcoin is more than ready for another bullish wave. He also added, “The fact that XRPUSDT went through a correction and has been consolidating for this long is considered bullish.”

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Furthermore, the altcoin has been on a bullish trend, recording higher lows. This is usually bullish for any asset as it suggests better support for the price as it moves upward. “Higher lows means that the bulls have the upper hand when it comes to the long-term trajectory of this chart,” Santana explained.

XRP Can Move 280% In 2024-2025

The crypto analyst expects a rather rapid bullish wave for the XRP price and stated that he expects this to happen sometime in 2024 and 2025. The main reason behind this is that the accumulation phase for the altcoin is finally coming to an end.

This is a sentiment that has also been shared by another crypto analyst known as U-Copy. According to the analyst, the XRP price had been in accumulation for the last seven years, but it has finally come to an end in 2024, and this end in the accumulation phase will lead to a rally.

While U-Copy expects the altcoin to hit a new all-time high price as this accumulation phase comes to an end, which would be an at least 600% move from here, Santana has taken a more conservative stance. The analyst does expect the XRP price to break above $1, but puts the peak around $1.9 and $2. This would mean a 280-300% move from here.

“Once it starts going, it will go really strong and for a very long while… People will be wondering, ‘why didn’t I buy when prices were low?’,” the analyst concluded.

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