‘A Better World Through Financial Freedom’: Why Preston Pysh Is Bullish On Bitcoin 2023

For Preston Pysh, the Bitcoin 2023 event in Miami is a chance to showcase a solution for the crumbling global financial system.

As part of an investment-focused podcast that recently surpassed 100 million downloads, Preston Pysh describes the basics of Bitcoin and explores its investment case, distilling some of the most prescient aspects of the technology for listeners who might not realize how important it is. He has a knack for hosting the most knowledgeable guests to break down the most pressing topics.

For instance, Pysh has released recent episodes describing Texas’ evolving Bitcoin mining policy with Pierre Rochard, one exploring the state of the legacy financial system with Alf Peccatiello and one explaining decentralized social media platform Nostr with developer William Casarin.

Pysh consistently hosts timely, in-depth conversations with insightful guests, producing one of the best outlets for exploring how Bitcoin is changing our world. Now, he’ll be bringing that insight to the stage at Bitcoin 2023, where his combination of traditional investment expertise and holistic understanding of Bitcoin’s implications will grapple with a global financial environment that seems to be spinning out of control.

“I suspect one of the hot topics that will be discussed is the central banks’ inability to get inflation under control and what that means for Bitcoin,” Pysh said in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine. “It seems like OPEC+ and BRICS nations are trying to exercise their control of energy production and distribution in the face of western central bank policies that attempt to control interest rates and sanctions. I expect this situation to get really intense in the second and third quarters of 2023 and the knock-on effect is going to demonstrate the lack of control that policymakers have over the price of fiat currency.”

While such a precarious economic situation is wreaking havoc in the form of wealth debasement and uncertainty across the world, Pysh remains optimistic about bitcoin the asset as a solution and bullish about its path for 2023.

“Bitcoin’s long-term HODLers display a level of conviction I’ve rarely witnessed in any other asset class,” he explained. “As central bank policies grow increasingly manipulative, I anticipate that by the end of 2023, we’ll witness these institutions lose a degree of control, injecting an unprecedented volume of fiat currency into the global economy. Consequently, I expect bitcoin to thrive and yield substantial gains relative to any other asset class as the year draws to a close.”

Perspective on the technical advancements of Bitcoin and their implications, in addition to his well-demonstrated expertise on more traditional finance, is what makes Pysh such a unique and powerful advocate. And it is with this perspective that he highlighted the progress made with one project in particular since the Bitcoin 2022 event.

“Since the last conference, I am thrilled by the ongoing developments in the Bitcoin community, particularly those related to Fediments, or ‘Federated Mints,’” Pysh reflected. “These implementations operate with a federation of guardians to manage funds, rather than a centralized entity, and integrate seamlessly with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network… The impressive progress on this front has been made amid bitcoin price dips, demonstrating the ingenuity and unwavering commitment of the Bitcoin community in driving substantial software infrastructure development and other essential building blocks.”

Like Pysh’s podcast, the Bitcoin Conference is designed to showcase the most insightful voices on any and every front of this monetary, technical revolution. It is a place where problems are exposed and a foundational solution is explored. For Pysh, Bitcoin 2023 will be the chance to do what he does best as a content creator: discourse with the brightest minds on earth and help others learn from them as he does.

“These gatherings offer a chance to unite with individuals who share a profound understanding and appreciation for a better world through financial freedom and empowerment,” he concluded. “All of the panel discussions are thought provoking and important for my own personal growth. Not to mention, how can you not love Miami?”