Janice McAfee Continues Battle for Release of John McAfee’s Remains, 670 Days After His Death

Janice McAfee Continues Battle for Release of John McAfee's Remains, 670 Days After His Death

Last year in July, it was widely reported that the now deceased, enigmatic tech magnate John McAfee’s body was still in a Spanish morgue for a full year after his untimely demise. McAfee’s widow, Janice, has taken to social media to voice her distress over the extended delay in the release of his remains. It is a matter of great frustration to her that, even after an incredible 670 days, she is still unable to grant her beloved husband a proper burial.

John McAfee’s Widow Demands Answers on Delay in Releasing His Remains

On April 23, 2023, Janice McAfee tweeted about her late husband, John McAfee, insisting that he had been in a morgue for 670 days. In July 2022, Bitcoin.com News reported on McAfee’s remains sitting in the morgue for a year. Janice is still complaining about the issue and asking why there is a holdup. “670 days since John’s ‘suicide,’” Janice tweeted. “670 days and his remains have still not been released. 670 days and his autopsy report has still not been released. 670 days is an absurd amount of time to wait to bury your loved one.” McAfee’s widow added:

What are they hiding? #JohnMcAfeeDidNotKillHimself

In October 2020, McAfee was arrested at Barcelona-El Prat Airport and faced extradition to the United States. He faced charges by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for promoting initial coin offerings (ICOs) and “tax evasion and willful failure to file tax returns.” Spain’s high court approved McAfee’s preliminary extradition, and hours later, he was found dead in his prison cell in Barcelona. After his death, a number of stories emerged claiming that McAfee had activated a dead man’s switch.

In more recent times, in August of last year, a Netflix documentary called “Running with the Devil” showcased one of McAfee’s former girlfriends, who claimed he called her from Texas after his reported death. Janice scoffed at the woman’s theory after the documentary aired, insisting that John would not hide out in America and called the idea “silly.” During the first week of March 2023, Janice discussed McAfee’s death with Hotep Jesus and her “ongoing battle with the Barcelona courts for John’s remains, almost two years after his death.”

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