Bitcoin Talent Co. And Summer Of Bitcoin Announce Summer 2023 Bitcoin Industry Apprenticeship Program

The program, aimed at college students, seeks to provide industry exposure and networking opportunities with Bitcoin-focused companies.

Bitcoin Talent Co. and Summer of Bitcoin have announced their partnership to launch the Summer 2023 Bitcoin Industry Apprenticeship (BIA) Program for undergraduate and graduate students from universities in North America and Europe.

The program is expected to provide students with hands-on experience in the Bitcoin industry, industry exposure, skill development, an in-depth understanding of Bitcoin and networking opportunities. Applications for the program will run from June 12 to August 25.

According to the press release, the program will “unlock additional opportunities for students to spend time learning from and contributing to the operations of venture-funded Bitcoin companies.”

The BIA Program is expected to provide students with practical skills that can be applied to various industries and fields, while also helping them establish professional relationships with Bitcoin-focused companies.

As the macroeconomic and geopolitical backdrop continues to highlight the importance of bitcoin, this partnership is aiming to be an opportunity to dedicate one’s career to the growth of the industry.

“Over 30% of interns graduating from university have been offered full-time roles after participating in Summer of Bitcoin’s previous open-source internship programs,” the press release said. Companies interested in partnering with the program and offering internship opportunities, as well as students interested in pursuing summer internships, can visit for more information.