Faces Insolvency Issues Amid Multichain’s CEO Arrest: $130 Million Net Outflow In 24 Hours

Cryptocurrency exchange has recently been facing rumors of insolvency following the arrest of Multichain CEO Zhaojun and concerns about the Multichain treasury being backed by 30%. These rumors have led to increased withdrawals from the exchange, with a net outflow of $131 million in the last 24 hours alone. To put this into perspective, the 7-day net outflow from is $144.8 million, per data compiled by Nansen. Denies Liquidity Issues 

The rumors about’s insolvency stem from a tweet alleging a connection between the exchange and Multichain following the arrest of Multichain CEO Zhaojun. The tweet claimed that was facing insolvency due to its involvement with Multichain and the potential impact of Zhaojun’s arrest on the Multichain treasury.

Despite these rumors, has disputed insolvency claims and reassured its users that all funds are safe. The cryptocurrency exchange has recently stated to address rumors about its operations and withdrawals. has reassured users that its operations are sound, withdrawals are working properly, and there are no problems with rumored operations or withdrawals.

Furthermore, emphasizes its commitment to providing users with safe, fast, and reliable virtual asset services and encourages users to be cautious of any unsolicited calls or messages claiming to be from The exchange currently holds $2.4 billion in assets, including 18% in’s native token GT, 15% in Ethereum (ETH), 15% in Bitcoin (BTC), and other cryptocurrencies.

Despite these reassurances, the increase in withdrawals from highlights the impact that rumors and speculation can have on the crypto market, particularly in times of uncertainty. However, has stated that it has no direct connection to Multichain and that Zhaojun’s arrest does not affect its operations. The exchange has also emphasized that all funds are held in cold storage, providing an additional layer of security for user assets.

Binance CEO CZ Issues Warning

Binance CEO CZ has recently advised investors to Secure Asset Fund for User (SAFU) after citing a tweet from Multichain, which reported multiple issues with their protocol due to unforeseeable circumstances. The tweet stated that the team had done everything possible to maintain the protocol running but could not contact CEO Zhaojun and obtain the necessary server access for maintenance.

The tweet also mentioned an issue with the scanning node network of Router5, which affected the normal cross-chain service of some chains. To protect users’ interests, the corresponding cross-chain service for the affected chain was suspended on the User Interface (UI). This issue was also reported to have occurred on Router2 the week prior.

The timing of CZ’s advice to SAFU and the issues reported by Multichain has led to speculation that this may be an early warning to investors about the potential dangers associated with However, it is important to note that CZ did not explicitly mention in his tweet, and there is no direct connection between and Multichain.

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