Bitcoin Centric-AI “Spirit Of Satoshi” Unveiled

The Spirit of Satoshi, the world’s first Bitcoin-centric AI, has been announced, promising to revolutionize the understanding and accessibility of Bitcoin knowledge.

According to a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine, “It’s a Large Language Model being built from first principles, oriented on the core values of Bitcoin, trained on the best bitcoin data in the world, and fine-tuned by the global bitcoin community.” The release stated that development is driven by the need to provide an alternative to mainstream, generalized language models and preserve the collective intelligence of the Bitcoin community.

“We believe it’s imperative to build an alternative to mainstream, generalized large language models, and in particular, there needs to be a place where the entire collective global intelligence and knowledge of Bitcoin is preserved and made accessible to everyone,” said a representative of The Spirit of Satoshi project.

The goal of this initiative is to orange-pill, or introduce Bitcoin to, the next billion people, using efficient and effective tools that can operate at scale while remaining impactful on an individual level. In the coming weeks, the model will be open-sourced, the release stated, and the entire Bitcoin community will be engaged to assist in training and fine-tuning it. The project also plans to offer sats bounties to incentivize participation.

By providing an alternative system and powerful tools, The Spirit of Satoshi project said it aims to combat potential threats such as “Iris Scanning Central Bank Digital Currencies” (CBDCs), mainstream education limitations and generalized AI that restricts knowledge within narrow boundaries.

To learn more about The Spirit of Satoshi and contribute to its mission, interested individuals can visit