Unchained Announces New Signature Private Client Service

Unchained, a Bitcoin custodial services company, has announced the launch of its private client service with collaborative custody. According to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, the new platform called “Unchained Signature” is a “membership-based service that helps high-net-worth individuals, institutions and corporations invest in and manage their bitcoin.”

The company compares the experience to that of premium banking services, but with the added twist of multi-signature custodial models that Unchained is known for. “The fact that clients hold their own bitcoin keys, even when they get a loan with their bitcoin used as collateral, is an assurance that Unchained is not able to singularly move or rehypothecate client funds, as many now-defunct crypto firms did prior to their collapse,” the press release stated.

Dedicated account management features described include private trade execution, multi-million dollar loans and retirement and estate planning — plus technical support, even to the extent that advisors will travel in-person for assistance during emergencies. In addition, Signature clients will receive early access to Unchained’s latest products as well as exclusive access to networking events.

“As the best performing asset of the last decade, bitcoin continues to draw in new high-net-worth individuals and institutions, many of whom have previously shied away from crypto due to technical barriers and third-party risks,” said Joe Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Unchained, as he described the company’s opportunity. “Unchained Signature exists to help these investors buy, secure, and grow their bitcoin with as much technical and logistical assistance as they need — all without compromising security.”