Bitcoin Rollercoaster: Analyst Forecasts $8,000 Dip Before Skyrocketing To $200,000

In his recent interview, Mike McGlone, Bloomberg Intelligence’s Senior Commodity Strategist, predicted Bitcoin’s potential fall amid the ongoing market downturn. However, it wasn’t all gloom from the seasoned analyst, as he also touched upon the longer-term prospects of the flagship cryptocurrency.

Will Bitcoin Touch $8,000?

It is worth noting that Bitcoin has undergone a fair share of price fluctuations since its inception. In the interview, McGlone compared Bitcoin’s volatile nature to the days of the stock market. His predictions, grounded in his analytical observations, also prompted apprehension and agreement.

Mike McGlone’s interview was rife with insights into the cryptocurrency market, but one statement stood out: his belief that Bitcoin could plunge to a low of $8,000 in the current bear market.

McGlone emphasized that despite the potential for such a drastic drop. Bitcoin remains the world’s top-performing asset.  McGlone stated that Bitcoin hasn’t exhibited deflationary characteristics like Treasury bills and gold.

Instead, he pointed out that macroeconomic elements, particularly the Federal Reserve’s ongoing tightening policies, continue to have a pronounced effect on Bitcoin’s price.

Institutional Influence: Not the Immediate Boost Many Anticipate?

Another popular belief within the crypto community is that spot ETF approvals, and an influx of institutional investors would catapult Bitcoin’s price to new heights.

McGlone, however, expressed skepticism regarding this sentiment. In his view, while a spot ETF approval may sway market sentiment, it might not substantially impact Bitcoin’s price trajectory. McGlone suggested that the earliest spot ETF might not see daylight until next year.

On which spot ETF could potentially make the first move, McGlone’s bet is on BlackRock. Citing the institution’s commanding presence in the market and its reputation as the world’s leading asset manager, he believes BlackRock might lead the pack in the spot ETF space.

McGlone maintained confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term bullish prospects despite these short-term projections. He reaffirmed his vision of the crypto giant eventually reaching a value of $200,000.

Meanwhile, following the announcement of Grayscale’s legal victory against the US Securities Exchange and Commission (SEC), Bitcoin has retraced noticeably from its Tuesday peak of $27,974, dropping to $26,885 at the time of writing.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price chart on TradingView

Bitcoin’s daily trading volume has also dipped along with its price, dropping from last Thursday’s peak of $12 billion to $10 billion in the past 24 hours. Notably, Bitcoin’s market cap currently sits at $523 billion when writing.

Featured image from Unsplash, Chart from TradingView