BlackRock Releases Bitcoin Education Series

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm with over $10.5 trillion in assets under management, has unveiled a series of educational content aimed at explaining Bitcoin, the Bitcoin halving, and its implications, along with insights into its approved spot Bitcoin ETF.

“April is packed with rare events this year, with eyes set on the upcoming bitcoin halving – a unique process that only happens every 4 years,” said U.S. Head of Thematic and Active ETFs at BlackRock, Jay Jacobs. “Tune in below to learn how this impacts bitcoin’s value, and for more about investing in bitcoin ETFs.”

In a series of four videos, available on BlackRock’s official website, the asset manager discusses the fundamental aspects of Bitcoin as an investment, addressing common questions and concerns for investors looking to understand and navigate the Bitcoin landscape. Topics covered include the underlying technology of Bitcoin, its role in investment portfolios, keeping Bitcoin secure, and the significance of events like the Bitcoin halving.

BlackRock’s official Bitcoin 101 webpage.

“Bitcoin is the world’s most recognized and widely adopted cryptocurrency – and the first form of internet-native money to gain widespread global adoption,” BlackRock stated on its webpage.” “Bitcoin allows for peer-to-peer transactions outside of central intermediaries like banks.”

With the recent approval of its spot Bitcoin ETF, $IBIT, BlackRock’s educational initiative aims to take advantage the increasing mainstream acceptance and interest in Bitcoin, emphasizing the importance of education and informed decision-making for the new classes of investors entering this market. The ETF offers exposure to Bitcoin’s price movements without requiring direct ownership of the digital asset, catering to more traditional investors seeking diversified investment opportunities.

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