Ethereum Whale Offloads Holdings Amidst Market Downturn

Ethereum (ETH) tumbled 6.45% in the past week, marking a rough stretch for the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency. Generally, Ether has left investors much to desire in recent times with a price decline of 16.57% over the last few months. Amidst this bearish market, a crypto whale has sold off all his Ethereum tokens drawing much attention from traders and market experts alike. 

ETH Whale Liquidates Holdings, Incurs Substantial Loss

In an X post on May 11, blockchain tracking platform Lookonchain reported that a crypto whale offloaded all its 6,714 ETH tokens at a market price of $19.5 million. While the profit looks quite massive, LookonChain states that the investor actually recorded a loss of $6.5 million based on the acquisition price of these tokens.

Generally, whale transactions gain much attention among investors as they are viewed as indicators of market trends. Thus, if a whale suddenly sells a large portion or all of their holdings it may be interpreted as a bearish signal prompting other investors to follow suit, resulting in a price dip.

However, that may not necessarily be the case with the ETH market following this recent whale sell-off. With the Bitcoin halving completed in April, the crypto bull run is expected to begin in the following months based on historical data. 

In previous times, Ethereum has proven as one of the most favorable assets for investors in this period. Notably, the altcoin gained by over 2000% in the months following the Bitcoin halving in 2020. Thus, most ETH investors are likely to hold on to their tokens. 

Aside from Ethereum, the whale also liquidated all its 428,047 Optimism (OP) and 901,685 Arbitrum (ARB) at a loss of $902, 000 and $1.08 million respectively. In total, they incurred a loss of $8.43 million in offloading their investments in the three prominent altcoins.

ETH Price Overview

At the time of writing, ETH trades at $2,919 reflecting a slight price gain of 0.27% in the last day. The altcoin appears to be heading for the $,2940 resistance zone. With sufficient buying pressure, ETH could push through this region with the next resistance level set at the $3050 price zone. 

However, the altcoin’s daily trading volume has currently declined by 44.85% falling to a value of $6.71 billion. Ethereum, which ranks as a bigger altcoin remains 40.4% off its all-time high value of $4,891.70 achieved in November 2021z